I overrided the skin for twigs and I can’t find the original



That FKA fever, love her hun, you did a great job on her!

Thank you! I appreciate that!



Donald went to the theatre to clear his mind while Gitsie headed to work on a case. Brendon stayed home and lounged.

Gitsie comes home and goes into her wardrobe, completely ignoring Brendon,

Brendon follows her into her wardrobe.

Gitsie: I ignored you for a reason. Ion understand why we gotta hide this anymore. You embarrassed of me of something?

Brendon: Nah, I just don’t think we need to be official or anything. We know where we stand.

Gitsie: Is there some other girl?

Brendon: Here you go…

Gitsie: I’m being serious Su.

Brendon takes Gitsie’s hand and sits her next to him.

Brendon: Ma, you trippin’. It’s just me and you, aight?

Gitsie smiles and lays her head on his shoulder.

G got me lookin’ clean..

G got me lookin’ clean..


Donald: Shit, that makes me think you guys are secretly together….but, whatever floats your boat I guess.

Donald’s phone rings as he stands up.

I’ll be right back.

Gitsie: Why you tryna sneak around? You embarrassed of ya moms calling you?

Brendon: Gits, leave the man alone. 

Donald makes his way into the kitchen and checks the text message he received.

'Why haven't you been answering me?'

Donald rolled his eyes and deleted the message.


Gitsie: Stop moving! You’re messing up my pattern.

Brendon: Ma, chillout.

Gitsie: Chill ya head out.

Donald: You two act like an old married couple. Why aren’t you guys dating?

Brendon: She stuck playing them games man.

Gitsie pops Brendon in the head with the comb.

Gitsie: That’s all you boo.




Meet: Sky Ferreira 

an update on the household:
Le1f has finally been added and i’m so excited omg

an update on the household:

Le1f has finally been added and i’m so excited omg

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